Debilitation of Lord of Ascendant

The Ascendant is the initial house of the horoscope and the relaxation of the houses are reckoned from it. It signifies the basic visual appeal, character and temperament of the native. The lord/residence of ascendant indicates the native’s vitality, vigour and disposition, his natural tendencies and personality are judged from this dwelling.

The planets are in the point out of weak spot if occupying a certain signal and fails to protect/endorse the precise characterises ruled by them, are said to be in the condition of debilitation.

Lord of ascendant plays a incredibly essential role in examining one’s physical, mental and emotional abilities, that’s why in debilitated condition they are not capable of producing outcomes anticipated by them.

The outcomes of debilitation of lord of ascendant for various ascendant indications are proven underneath:


  • Mars staying lord of ascendant and 8th residence, posited in 4th house, in the signal of debilitation.
  • Indicates rash and aggressive, attitude. The indigenous will eliminate temper swiftly, implies deficiency of power and bravery.
  • Because of to their impulsive character they get started any get the job done in flash and stop in a crash.
  • The native will vulnerable to frequent accidents and mishaps significantly to head. Operation is recommended in lots of situations. Dread of drowning, and threat of biting from toxic creatures.
  • The indigenous is liable to suffer from headaches, upper body discomfort, superior blood tension, burns, inflammatory ailments, affliction of the mind, migraine, smaller pox, malaria, thrombosis etc.
  • Variations with mom are indicated, loss of immovable attributes, promoting of conveyance and suffering for the regular transport, termination or suspension of work, reduction of litigation and reduction of mass-assistance.
  • This position of Mars is favourable for job/carrier as it features the 10th home, its household of exaltation.


  • The Venus currently being lord of ascendant and 6th home, placed in 5th home in the condition of debilitation.
  • The indigenous will receive funds by unscrupulous indicates, have more marital affairs, may perhaps face imprisonment for his sexual pros, reduction in speculation, and separation from young children, and have corporation of malefic individuals.
  • Repeated struggling from tonsils, diphtheria, and pyorrhoea, pimples on face, and eye problems, and constipation is indicated. The recovery from any illnesses is normally quite sluggish.
  • This situation of Venus is favourable for revenue, as it areas the 11th house, the home of its exaltation.


  • Mercury staying lord of ascendant and 4th positioned in 10th house in its debilitated indication.
  • The native will be a conceited, cleaver, cunning, showy person, lair and misbehaviour.
  • The indigenous will utter falsehood or cheat many others for his added benefits and with consistent temper- swings they will make blunders because of to their haste actions and fickle head.
  • The indigenous will experience numerous road blocks in his expert lifetime and lacks the art of mastering any subject matter. They may well deal with hurdles from federal government.
  • Open big difference from father is indicated, the indigenous could facial area scandal and sick-standing in his expert existence because of to his malefic speech. He is responsible for his personal downfall.
  • The native might experience from lungs infection, eosinophilia, T.B., pulmonary disorders, chilly, and could have faulty nervous method.
  • This placement of Mercury is advantageous for getting immovable belongings, due to the fact Mercury areas the 4th residence the signal of its exaltation.


  • Moon as debilitated lord of ascendant, is becoming positioned in 5th home.
  • Lack of patience and stamina, more than sensitivity and indolence is indicated. The indigenous might have fickle head and egocentric mind-set.
  • Differences with small children are indicated. The youngsters might be ungrateful, disobedient, unfaithful and undutiful.
  • The native may perhaps have weak pulmonary and digestive system, coronary heart difficulties, alcohol- dependancy, afflictions of lungs, long-term cold, asthma, T.B., gall stone, anxious debility, worms, anxiety advanced, compulsive conditions, dropsy, flatulence.
  • Sometimes lunacy and reduction of memory is also connected with this point out of Moon.
  • It is favourable for income as Moon facets the 11th residence, it truly is indicator of exaltation.


  • Solar as the lord of ascendant, put in 3rd home, in the state of debilitation.
  • The native may possibly have complicated mother nature, arrogant, bluff and have lack of braveness. He will be above formidable, self opinionated, jealous and insulting.
  • Absence of young siblings or variance with them is indicated.
  • The native may undergo frequently from challenges of eyes, spine, heart and bones. Palpitation, irritation, sunstroke, giddiness, epilepsy, reduction of speech due to cerebral infection, bile-issues and ailments of head are some conditions resulted by this specific placement of sunshine.
  • This is a favourable placement of Sun for the fortune of the indigenous, as Sunlight facets 9th household, its indication of exaltation.


  • Mercury as the lord of ascendant and 10th, placed in 7th household in the debilitated signal.
  • Decline in profession, small business or trade, constant betrayal of lifetime and business enterprise companions, divorce, phony contracts and agreements, litigations, pending dues and so forth.
  • The native may possibly confront shame, discredit and scandal in qualified lifetime.
  • This placement of Mercury is inimical to longevity of father.
  • It brings ill-overall health for little ones or the debts incurred by them.
  • The indigenous may undergo from digestive and intestinal troubles, weak nervous system and stomach, disturbed mental status.
  • The debilitated Mercury in 7th house aspects the ascendant, which is the exaltation indicator of the Mercury, indicates spectacular body constructed.


  • Venus as the lord of ascendant and 8th property, placed in 12th home in the indication of debilitation.
  • They expend lavishly on luxuries and on sexual gratification, so dollars might move as a result of their palms incredibly very easily.
  • The indigenous may well have addictive practices.
  • The indigenous could vulnerable to infectious health conditions, complications in kidney, joints and backbone is indicated, uterus and appendix are impacted.
  • It signifies dying in medical center, or hospitalization owing to fatal ailment.
  • The indigenous may possibly indulge in framing solution plots, techniques, and conspiracies.
  • It signifies sickness of daily life associate. Hazard, issues and disappointment to youngsters is indicated.
  • The indigenous could facial area imprisonment, exile and extradition in his life span.
  • As the Venus elements the 6th dwelling, its indicator of exaltation indicating fondness for wonderful food stuff, attain from servants and maternal uncles.


  • Mars as the lord of ascendant and 4th residence, put in 9th residence in its debilitated indication.
  • The indigenous may perhaps deal with a lot of road blocks and hindrance in the path of fortune and prosperity.
  • They are careless about their faith and philosophical beliefs
  • The indigenous may possibly have frequent injuries because of to tumble, weak coronary heart, acute fevers, and substantial blood strain, muscular rheumatism and many others.
  • Serious sickness to father is indicated and enmity from mom is possible.
  • Mars in this situation aspecting the 3rd dwelling, the residence of its exaltation, signifies company from siblings and brave attitude.


  • Jupiter as the lord of ascendant and 4th, getting posited in 2nd residence in the signal of its debilitation.
  • The indigenous may have defective eye-sight, sciatica, rheumatic ache, fractures, gout, and lung problems.
  • They have to confront non-corporation and shame from their family and kin.
  • In addition to habit tendencies, he might have pretty pungent and rash speech.
  • This position of Jupiter is favourable for longevity of the indigenous


  • Saturn as the lord of ascendant and 2nd household, put in 4th house, the property of its debilitation.
  • It displays the impolite character of the indigenous.
  • Separation or disagreement with mother is indicated.
  • Non-company from mass.
  • Decline of inheritance and immovable properties is indicated.
  • Hazard /death/extend illness to father.
  • The indigenous may well have continual cold, pain in joints and upper body, bone T.B., mottled enamel and fluorine intoxication, skin disorders.
  • As Saturn aspecting the 10th dwelling, its indicator of exaltation, gives stability to one’s vocation and career.


  • Saturn as the lord of ascendant and 12th dwelling put in 3rd residence, the property of its tumble.
  • The indigenous do not get love and passion of siblings, thanks to their pungent nature.
  • It indicates hurdles in instruction.
  • Damage and fractures of limbs and hands is indicated, tooth problems, infectious conditions, varicose vein, spinal issues and E.N.T. disorders.
  • As the Saturn areas the 9th home, the sign of its exaltation is favourable for father.


  • Jupiter currently being the lord of ascendant and 10th home, positioned in 11th dwelling, in its signal of debilitation.
  • The native might have egoistic angle, other than addictive tendencies and sour speech.
  • The native lacks the joy and company from wife and kids.
  • They may absence elder siblings.
  • The native may go through from jaundice, affliction to ankle and toes, gap in heart and liver issues and many others.
  • As the Jupiter is aspecting the 5th property, the house of its exaltation indicates fantastic training and love from more youthful siblings.

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