Importance of Pahani

Pahani is just one of the most vital earnings information maintained by the Revenue Division for agricultural lands. Pahani is a income document that contains all the specifics of a land. It consists of some worthwhile knowledge linked to the individual piece of land this sort of as:

  • Information of the operator like owner’s title, liabilities of the operator and Particulars of the Cultivator
  • Survey Variety, Hissa Range of the Land and Khatha Range
  • Full Land underneath the Pahani and General public legal rights on the Lan
  • Utilization of land less than several types
  • Land Income Facts
  • H2o Charge, Soil Sort, Variety of Trees
  • Information of Crops developed time wise and mixed crops
  • Evaluation and Mother nature of Possession of the land

Pahani is therefore a merged doc that furnishes all specifics about Document of Rights, Tenancy and Crops. It is also referred to as as “Patta” in the neighboring states of Karnataka.

Crop particulars will be published on the RTC as soon as or twice in a calendar year, based upon the seasons. The Crops information and facts will be prepared by Village Accountant right after inspecting the subject. If there is a little something wrongly specified about the crop data, one can lodge a request to change the crop facts on the Pahani at the Pahani Centre / Village Accountant. It will be altered after currently being confirmed by the Village Accountant / Revenue Inspector.

A human being can get the signed copy of computerized Pahani from the Pahani Centre, which is in the Tahsildar’s Business office by spending Rs.15. It can also be gathered by spending Rs.15 to the Village Accountant / Income Inspector, who in switch will collect the computerized Pahani from Pahani Centre and hand it about to the man or woman. It is important to examine all the entries in the RTC.

The Govt of Karnataka has issued the get expressing that in Computerized Taluka, only computer created RTC are valid for all legal applications. Handwritten RTC will not be regarded by Govt.

It is the most crucial document that is needed during the invest in of a land. Pahani is demanded for the following uses:

  • To know the genuineness of a vendor although obtaining a land
  • To current at the Sub-Registrars business office in the course of a sale transaction
  • To increase the bank loan amount of money from a Bank
  • To present in the court docket in circumstance of civil litigation
  • For personal objective


The information like owner’s title or his particulars like liabilities get adjusted thanks to some transactions. This approach is acknowledged as Mutation. Mutation can acquire spot owing to one particular of the pursuing motives:

  • J-Slip-Sale by means of registered deed
  • Inheritance – Change of Possession owing to death of the Operator
  • Division of Land inside of the Spouse and children
  • Pledge / Launch – Modify in liabilities due to mortgage from financial institution or compensation to bank
  • Centered on the Court Buy
  • Alienation – Conversion of land from agricultural to other applications
  • Acquisition by Govt for General public objective
  • Grant of Land by Federal government to Poor Folks

In these conditions, when the identify of the operator improvements, the new operator should really technique the Income Section with the necessary files to modify their names. This can also be accomplished by requesting at the Pahani Centre and collect the acknowledgment.

In the same way, when a bank loan is taken or compensation is performed, the specifics of liabilities can be altered by publishing the request with the expected files at the Pahani Centre.

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