Platonic Fullerene Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Liberty, Flexibility, Science and the US Constitution

Pricey reader, this Ezine post has been penned for perusal by in excess of 6000 nano-experts. Its topic indicates to the general public that moral nanotechnology has an significant role to engage in in bringing about a new age of worldwide liberty and liberty. It can be argued that this can come about if nanotechnology is designed in liaison with a professional medical science, to guidebook ennobling federal government for the betterment of the world wide human problem. Although the short article is about the fractal mother nature of Mesopotamian mythological arithmetic, it is totally realised that other ancient cultures, like Indian and Chinese civilisations, contributed infinite fractal mathematical concepts into the development of the historical 3rd Century BC Platonic tradition of Greek science.

Conversations about politics, sexual intercourse and faith have a tendency to provoke extreme controversy. However, this paper is about a wide generalisation of all 3 of these contentious concerns. They are so intricate that only a supercomputer, provided countless numbers of several years of data could sufficiently explain their functioning in the terrific game of lifestyle, which is related to healthy human evolution.

For the duration of the 1990s, the Science-Art Study Centre of Australia had its supercomputer papers about seashell life-variety energies reprinted by the world’s top technological research institute, IEEE., and an American Institute for Basic Research. These papers had been internationally acclaimed for the discovery of new mathematical and physics laws governing the best possible biological growth and progress via area-time. The intention of this posting is to assist in the development of a next supercomputer plan, which can be referred to as the Fuller-Snow ‘World Match Cooperative Theory’ for human survival.

China’s most remarkably awarded physicist, Kun Huang, presented the investigate methodology made use of to make the discovery of the new physics laws probable. He argued individually with Albert Einstein above the issue. Now, nanotechnology has verified that his seashell advice in 1979 applies straight to the human situation.

The historic Egyptians made use of the sacred geometries of life to give an intuitive expression of the operating of an infinite universe. Mainstream science now realises that they had been utilizing facets of fractal geometrical logic extending to infinity. Even so, our present world-wide science and technological know-how forbids that geometrical logic to belong to any living evolutionary course of action. Einstein’s genius can now be certainly immortalised by modifying it so that his universal energies of chaos are proven to entangle with these extended lost historic infinite lifetime energies.

The 20th Century Einsteinian planet-view was ruled by a regulation of common chaos that demands that all existence in the universe have to become extinct. Thus, less than these conditions the dwelling method are unable to possibly lengthen to infinity. Having said that, nanotechnology has demonstrated that the ancient Greek science was right.

The human molecule of emotion, identified in 1972, now part of quantum biology’s entanglement with Einstein’s quantum mechanics, is, in simple fact, an infinite fractal expression. Our emotions perform in finish contradiction to the guidelines governing our existing destructively imbalanced science and technological innovation.

This means that, as was found only very last century, feelings belong to Sir Isaac Newton’s much more profound normal philosophy to balance his mechanical description of the universe. It is important that his globe-perspective is freed from any further more Christian classification of this remaining a criminally insane heresy. Newton held to his a lot more profound principles of an infinite universe, when he wrote his excellent theories of science. This is evident in his personalized letters to Richard Bentley, in which he connected gravity with light-weight, to provide evolutionary instruction to the human metabolism. It is unreasonable to insist that mercurial fumes from his alchemy laboratory resulted in a criminally crazy mind, at the exact same time when he was carrying out this kind of points.

The present day working day unbalanced scientific planet-look at constitutes a political nightmare of world wide proportions. With modification, this can be adequately tackled in the form of a professional medical supercomputer program, functioning to information ennobling governments in the course of the environment. The resultant technological know-how, for the betterment of the human ailment, is further than the conception of present unbalanced mainstream science. However, provided the possibility, there are sufficient realized scholars to compose the computer program, thanks to the scientist Kun Huang. It is now attainable to increase the seashell investigate in order to attain the quantum biological blueprint for human survival.

In the course of the 6th Century BC the Greek geometer, Thales, travelled to Egypt to research political ethics. Adhering to him in the 5th Century BC, the mathematician, Pythagoras, also researched political ethics in Egypt. They introduced back to Greece the mathematical construction of Western Democracy. The Greek thinker Anaxagoras experienced derived a concept of development from the mythological-mathematical theories of the Egyptian creator god Atum (Atom), outlined in the ‘Pyramids Texts’. Then, for in excess of two hundred years the Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy fused ethics into Anaxagoras’ concept of creation. This was in order to invent science so that civilisation would not turn into extinct, as had other existence sorts identified as fossils.

Areas of nano-science exhibit that the resultant science experienced efficiently connected arithmetic to the dwelling method, in line with the workings of an infinite universe. This is contrary to the ethos of Einstein’s principle of relativity, which he derived from Babylonian mythological mathematics.

Through the 3rd Century BC two Greek daily life-sciences came into existence. a single was named the ‘Science for ethical ends’ incorporating atomic Platonic adore and the other was the ‘Science of common love’, based on Epicurean emotional atomic theory. These sciences came about to guidebook ennobling governing administration, so that human beings could engage in their aspect within just an infinite ethical common reason, therefore staying away from extinction. Close by, in the Thriller Educational facilities of Babylon, worship of the sacred geometries was determined by the teachings of Ishtar, the Goddess of sexual prostitution and warfare.

Plato comprehended that the moment a actual physical atomic science thoroughly dominated civilisation, as it does today, the prehistoric arms race legacy would a single working day speed up, triggering the emergence of the damaging homes of historic Egypt’s comprehending of primordial common chaos. Plato’s thought ‘evil’ was about the anti-life homes of nuclear unformed matter spreading as an obsession into the psyche of civilisations. Various nationwide governments, powerless to quit the nuclear arms race mainly because of governmental nationwide security regulations, would ultimately provide about the chaos of complete destruction on civilisation. Nanotechnology on the other hand, could phase in to present a healthcare science, totally free power, meals and water, throughout the globe, in purchase to protect against this nightmare circumstance from occurring.

Harvard University Push advises that the rebirth of the misplaced Greek atomic sciences was instigated by Marcilio Ficino, during the 15th Century. He utilized the book, ‘Plato’s Theology’ to make what is now referred to as the Great Italian Renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci, opposite to common perception, was not a central figure to that Renaissance.

The mathematician, Fibonacci, taught Leonardo the sacred geometrical mathematical ethos belonging to the Mystery Educational institutions of Babylon, which worshipped warfare. On the other hand, the inclusion of Platonic enjoy as a home of the atoms of the soul (the molecule of emotion uncovered by Candace Pert in 1972) experienced positioned atomic ethics into the mathematical equations that Fibonacci received from the Babylonian Thriller Educational institutions.

The American engineer, Buckminster Fuller, who wrote the book ‘Utopia or Oblivion’ fully comprehended the mother nature of Plato’s grim warning and realised that we should modify the Einsteinian knowing of universal electrical power, or perish. Harvard University’s Novartis Professor Amy Edmondson, in her on-line biography entitled ‘A Fuller Explanation’, wrote that in his enjoyment to publish his theories, Fuller neglected to clarify to the community that his ideas for humanity’s survival ended up derived instantly from Plato’s mathematical study.

The molecular biologist, Sir C P Snow, also wrote a e book about the require to help you save civilisation from collapse, because of to the prevailing Einsteinian understanding of universal vitality. He regarded it critical to link modern day science back to the culture of the Platonic Humanities. In 2008 the Instances Literary Nutritional supplement posted that it regarded as Snow’s e-book to be amongst the 100 most significant guides created given that World War II.

The Christian Church, through the 5th Century Ad, ruined the Great Library of Alexandria and murdered its custodian, the mathematician, Hypatia. Saint Augustine then banished Plato’s arithmetic as staying the get the job done of the Satan, mistaking it for the mathematics linked with the teachings of Ishtar, the Babylonian Goddess of war and prostitution. Augustine experienced translated the evil of unformed subject in the atom as the evil of female sexuality, afterwards made use of as an justification for the horrific sexual rites that the Christian Church lather condoned.

The sadistic torturing and burning alive of numerous figures of women and girl youngsters as witches was practised for a few hundred decades until finally the mid 17th Century. In the 18th Century the Church’s fanatical opposition to historical Greek mathematical atomic science, as the operate of the Devil, was transferred into the extremely material of the Structure of the United States of The united states, without having the American people today realising what had happened.

Giordano Bruno, regarded as to be the father of fashionable science, taught about the science of common really like, at Oxford College. For doing this, upon returning to Rome he was imprisoned, tortured and burnt alive by the Roman Church in 1600. All through the 20th Century, the unpublished papers of Sir Isaac Newton ended up found, in which Newton expressed his conviction that a much more profound pure philosophy existed to total the mechanical description of the universe. Newton’s model of the universe was infinite and its functioning was upheld by the same physics principles that upheld the historical Greek science for ethical finishes and the science of universal enjoy. Newton’s balancing physics rules have been precisely these employed by the thinker Schelling when he corrected Immanuel Kant’s electromagnetic ethic for perpetual peace on earth.

Isaac Newton, a modern day of Bruno, knowledgeable of his fate, dared not publish those exact same suggestions. As it was, his infinite universe theories remain classified right now as Newton’s Heresy Papers. This may assistance make clear why a 50 million pound investigation system at Cambridge University, to seem for its connected technological innovation, was cancelled outright by the British Governing administration. Even so, nanotechnology has uncovered the remarkable magnitude of that technology’s capacity to benefit the international human condition, effectively over and above the scope of entropic science.

The Constitution of the United States of The usa came into existence in 1787, centered on the historical Platonic custom of Greek philosophy. Inside the Christian culture, Sir Isaac Newton’s banished heresy physics ideas ended up absolutely omitted. Alexander Hamilton, through the framing of the Structure, outlined ‘Liberty’ as becoming ensured by the design of government dependent on physics and geometrical concepts. The physics rules utilised to construct the American Structure belonged to the revealed physics of Sir Isaac Newton and the geometrical rules belonged to the geometry of Euclid. The latest blockbuster film, ‘Lincoln ‘ depicts the President of The us describing that the abolishment of slavery was fused into Euclidean geometrical logic. In fact it was tied into the infinite geometrical logic upholding the working of the Platonic universe. If the will of the people wish it so, the American Constitution can now be amended to become the real image of liberty for all the earth.

The historical Greek intuitive knowledge about the anti-lifestyle properties of nuclear chaos predicted the way our point out of emotion interacts with bodily actuality. In 2011 two Chinese experts applied mathematics to confirm how the Fullerene dance of lifetime of protein enfolding in DNA, functioned outside the rules governing Einstein’s planet-perspective. This was pre-empted 10 decades earlier when the Science-Art Research Centre revealed a lecture shipped at Yangzhou University in China. The paper mentioned that this protein dance of daily life in DNA triggered Fullerene carbon-signalling to create the geometrical construction of emotion-forming substances influencing mental operating.

The Centre reasoned that because Einsteinian arithmetic was unable to produce nutritious seashell advancement through house-time, it was innately carcinogenic. The 1937 Nobel Laureate in medication, Szent-Gyorgyi, also argued that the scientific refusal to allow for any interaction of consciousness with Einstein’s chaos energies, brought about an unnatural conflict concerning psychological instinct and unbalanced scientific rationalism, thought of to be related with most cancers. In 1998, most cancers scientists in The us involved Szent-Gyorgyi’s theories to carbon signalling inside of DNA.

Be this as it may possibly, the anti-life conflict inside of the human organic process, wherever natural emotional intuition is forced to conform to the dictates of our unbalanced science, does avoid balanced evolution from taking place. Men and women at current are nearly powerless to prevent the effects of what Plato described as uncensored art, the place brain pleasing varieties together with irresponsible music, offers an illusionary belief in actuality, although the entropic engineering attitude prepares for continual warfare.

Nanotechnology can give us all with water, meals, power and raw elements from pretty much almost nothing. Instead, we are contented to maintain a inventory-sector position enslavement obsession, in order to pollute the planet and the vitality method belonging to the dwelling course of action. The entropic dictatorship of world economic rationalism, obeying full chaos logic, may possibly be regarded rational for all those managing the cash method, but it is unquestionably not primarily based upon moral scientific concepts. If nanotechnology directs the perform of synthetic intelligence to wage war, then the deployment of invisible undetectable nano weapons of mass destruction will turn out to be humanity’s prevalent enemy.

The mathematical sacred geometrical principles of mercy, compassion and justice, can be found depicted in wall paintings of the Egyptian 1st Kingdom. These mythological-mathematics became political regulation in the 2nd Kingdom, outlining the origins of this kind of issues as modern hospitals and previous age pensions. The historic Greeks applied these mathematical virtues to create an infinite science for human survival, which we are forbidden to discussion in just the set confines of 20th Century science and technology.

The seriousness of a hidden fanatical religious act contaminating Newton’s physics rules in the course of the framing of the American Constitution is quick to reveal. It prevented the Platonic non secular (now holographic) optical human survival engineering technological innovation from staying designed.

Despite the fact that Plato’s spiritual optical engineering principles were later corrected by ‘History’s Father of Optics’, Al Haitham, during the Golden Age of Islamic Science, the issue is pretty noticeable. Plato, Al Haitham, and other philosophers this sort of as Philo, Plotinus and Hesoid, had warned that by utilizing the senses, in certain the eye, as the supply of cosmic expertise, the harmful properties of unformed make any difference would emerge from the atom to destroycivilisation. Da Vinci, Descartes and Sir Francis Bacon, pivotal figures in bringing in the mechanistic industrial age, used the eye as the source of all understanding.

Albert Einstein created exactly the exact blunder. Throughout 1924 to 1927 the world-look at of quantum mechanics was that visible observation affects truth. Einstein’s E=Mc squared did indeed enable the historic unformed make any difference to emerge from the atom. We are approaching the position the place Humanity’s typical enemy will be the anti-lifestyle ethos of artificial intelligence, masquerading as a benevolent Diabolis, the God of Chaos, that we now worship globally by means of the inventory sector.

The Science-Artwork Research Centre’s e book ‘The 21st Century Renaissance’, points out that Einstein created his globe-check out from the use of the sacred geometries associated with the mythological-arithmetic applied in the worship of historic Babylon’s Goddess, Ishtar. Her sexual mathematics are pretty intricate, but it seems that Einstein’s colleague, the Nobel Prize winner and mathematician Lord Bertrand Russell, was affected by Ishtar’s teachings. For the duration of the 20th Century Russell became Britain’s very best recognised advocate of totally free really like and sexual intercourse. His very first 3 marriages became sordid sexual dramas in the British courts and in 1940 his professorial placement at the Higher education of New York was annulled by a law enforcement court buy, as being immoral.

Bertand Russell’s most famed essay was entitled ‘A Freeman’s Worship’ in which Russell insisted that we have no other option but to worship Einstein’s entropic death sentence on all of daily life in the universe. In 1957 the New York College Library of Science, posted a ebook entitled, ‘Babylonian Fantasy and Modern day Science’, in which Einstein is revealed to have developed his idea of relativity from the mythological-mathematics of historic Babylon. Plato, on the other hand, had formulated mythological arithmetic from the Secret Universities of historical Egypt, which had been about blocking the universe from reverting back into its initial chaos. Nanotechnology proved that the Platonic atomic science was proper and the engineer Buckminster Fuller had sufficiently upgraded it. It is now achievable to up grade Fullers solution to the human survival theories of Sir C P Snow.

The option to the global vitality crisis is very simple. Buckminster Fuller alluded to it with his ‘Cooperative Planet Recreation Theory’ for the betterment of the worldwide human problem. In Fuller’s very own terms, ‘Make the world do the job, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest doable time, through spontaneous cooperation, devoid of ecological offence or the drawback of anyone’.

IBM’s supercomputer, Deep Blue, conquer the world’s chess champions and their supercomputer Watson, beat America’s gamers of the extra elaborate recreation Jeopardy. Such a laptop or computer sport, primarily based on medical science ethics, will deliver into human consciousness the methodology advocated by the Fuller-Snow cooperative entire world match of existence.

The Science-Artwork Investigate Centre of Australia is now only fascinated in encouraging to develop the Fuller-Snow super pc program. The new video game made up of thousands of many years of appropriate negentropic speculations, will quickly and collectively elevate our chaotic consciousness into a comprehension of Fuller’s infinite synergistic universe. Folks can then enjoy the sport of daily life unimpeded with conflicting spiritual dogmas, in purchase to enhance human survival consciousness. The governing Platonic Fullerene Chemistry medical science, given legal status, can then manual ennobling government centered on the problem of global stability and nanotechnology supra-prosperity for all.

The 3 1996 Nobel Laureates in Medicine, set up a new healthcare chemistry based on the negentropic attributes of Fullerene carbon molecules. As Buckminster Fuller had derived his well balanced model of universal actuality upon the mathematics of Plato, the Science-Artwork Analysis Centre of Australia renamed it as Platonic Fullerene Chemistry, now influencing the instruction of chemistry all over the world.

All income from Science-Artwork Paintings, bought as a result of the Centre’s non-financial gain exploration organisation, goes to the venture, to aid convey the Fuller-Snow supercomputer into existence. This funding product of moral science through the arts was published in 1993 by LEONARDO, the ‘International journal for the Arts,Sciences and Know-how.

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