How Did I recover My Cash App Sign in issue? Know It Here

Yesterday, when trying to do the Cash app login, I was getting the error message “Wrong Password” every time, I was trying doing the account access. I did not have the idea at that time that how to tackle this situation. And, what made additional trouble for me was that I was unable to access my Cash app account recovery phone number, or the mail address right then. I contact customer support, and they guided me very well to resolve the issue. I followed some simple tricks, and the issue got solved very quickly. See, what they are:-

What I did To Fix The Cash App Login Issue?

  1. I launched the official website first and after that, I tapped the Sign-in option.
  2. Then, I got the profile icon on my device home screen. I clicked right there and pressed the “Support” option after that.
  3. After that, the website asked me what type of support I want. I just chose the “Select Something Else”.
  4. Some new options appeared to me right then, and I chose “Can’t Access the Account”.
  5. After that, I end the step by clicking on the “Contact Support” button.

What Happened Next?

Within the next few hours, I think it was hardly 3 to 4 hours after I did these steps, I got a call from the square Cash support team. They confirmed with me that If I have the problem with the login, and I replied in yes. I also informed that about the unavailability of my recovery phone number and the mail address both.

They assured me of the Cash app account recovery even if I completely unable to access my phone and email address both. To validate whether I am the authenticate person to access that particular ID or not, they just asked me some very simple security questions.

Questions were very easy to answer for me. They asked me things like when did I create the account, what’s the Date Of birth is, What was my last transaction made through them, and a few others. I did the correct reply to each and every question they asked. It made them assured my authenticity to access the account detail for which I was asking for the account recovery. Then, they asked me If I want to change my phone number and the email address. I replied in yes, and provided the details to update. They updated my new number and the email address. Once they did it, they asked me to reset the password again using the link sent me. It worked really very well.

Those guys are really very awesome in terms of providing the support that you may need regarding the app.