How Ladies Should really Protect Themselves Economically Regarding Divorce

Ladies who believe that a divorce is a possibility or who think that their partner will be asking about acquiring a divorce at some position should really set their feelings aside and plan “just in situation” their instinct is right that a divorce may well be coming in the in close proximity to long term. […]

5 Divorce Minefields – Job Of The Certified Divorce Economic Planner

Above 50% of married couples re-join the ranks of the un-married. Adore, and connection building, could be fickle things. But, it is pale soup as opposed to the dark complexities of asset carve-outs and divorce settlements when issues of revenue, tax and regulation intersect. Likelihood for errors? Certainly, until couples employ the service of an […]

Financial Planning – The Value Of A Will

You may have seen the series of programmes on the BBC with Gerry Robinson helping people through difficult decisions regarding their wills and estate planning. This is a very important subject, and is one which is often neglected by people who we meet. The value of a will Many people we meet do not even […]

Did the Divorce Affect Your Credit Score?

Are you recently divorced or divorced for a while? Rebuilding or continuing your credit after divorce may not seem like a priority right now, especially if you’re still healing from your marriage ending. If you eventually want to obtain credit cards in your name, finance a vehicle or home, and even begin a new job, […]

Why Sometimes a Child Rejects a Parent After Divorce

The parental alienation is a condition often associated with divorce, which causes a child to reject a parent they once loved. What distinguishes this syndrome from a routine parental conflict? How to prevent it, stop it? How to distinguish a “parental alienation syndrome” from a trivial conflict with a parent? According to Professor Richard Gardner, […]