Presenteeism: The Hidden Costs of Small business

( n Presenteeism, a comparatively not known thought, is the enhance of Absenteeism. It is defined as the evaluate of missing efficiency price because of to staff members actually displaying up for function, but not staying completely engaged and productive mainly due to the fact of private wellbeing and everyday living concern interruptions. At present, […]

Larry Silverstein and the Bernard Mendik-Vornado Realty Connection

It truly is tough for quite a few to see the wooden for the trees when it comes to 9/11. So much horror, so a great deal information and facts, so lots of conspiracy theories, so much dread by those that really don’t want to be found to get into the theories, or even look […]

Divorce – 8 Landmines to Stay away from in Company Valuations

Regardless of whether attacking or defending your expert’s business valuation in a divorce demo, it is crucial to know and steer clear of the eight landmines that can blow up your case: Acceptable Owner’s Compensation – A business enterprise valuation generally involves the skilled to make adjustments to the subject firm’s money statement. This process […]

Why You Need to Review Your Estate Plan After Your Divorce

Beneficiary Designations and Estate Planning After Divorce If you are like most people who are getting divorced, or who have just gone through divorce, you no longer want your ex-spouse to be the beneficiary of your estate or to put your child(ren) in a position to be disinherited if your ex-spouse gets married again after […]